2022 Human Development and Capability Association Conference: ‘Capabilities and Transformative Institutions’

The HDCA annual conference will take place from 19-22 September 2022.

People on Tokyo crosswalk

How can we organize for the world of tomorrow? COVID-19 has taught us that we are not ready. We have re-discovered our common vulnerability – not only to a virus, but also to policy mismatch, institutional hiccups and authoritarian backlash. Divided we stood, unable to act in concert, lacking real opportunities for deliberation. How can we improve the structures of living together and face the challenges ahead to build a more just and sustainable world? The HDCA Conference 2022 puts this question center stage.

Institutions, social arrangements, or the structures which emerge from our social living, have been conceived in different ways in the variety of disciplines that engage with the capability approach. The conference will provide an opportunity to let these various understandings speak to and learn from each other.

Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash


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