2023 Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research and Standing Committee on the Humanities and Social Sciences Conference

The Antarctic for a Better World

Humpback whale flukes as it dives in Fournier Bay off Anvers Island (Antarctic Peninsula)

After three years of restrictions and lockdowns, the time has finally come for an in-person Standing Committee on the Humanities and Social Sciences (SC-HASS) conference. What a timely opportunity this is! As human relations across the globe destabilize, and our planet’s fragile ecosystems are threatened by climate change, Antarctica remains a place of wonder, curiosity, and ingenuity, where humans from all four corners of the world team-up with one shared purpose: The Antarctic for a better world.

In Lisbon, we are preparing an exciting scientific and social agenda, and arrangements are currently being made to ensure that this conferences lives up to its name. The goals of the 2023 SCAR SC-HASS Biennial Conference are to:

  • Provide a space for exchanging information about research in the Antarctic Humanities and Social Sciences;
  • Stimulate and organize research ideas;
  • Promote the development of future collaborations.

Photo by Derek Oyen on Unsplash


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