29th Quadrennial Session of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE)

An opportunity for anyone with an interest in light and lighting, from across art, science, academia and industry, to meet in Washington DC.

The Session will bring together the international membership of the CIE, as well as other experts and stakeholders in the fields of light and lighting – vision and colour, measurement, lighting applications, photobiology and image technology. It offers an opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, to share knowledge both theoretical and practical, and to contribute to the work of CIE Technical Committees.

This Quadrennial Session involves a combination of three distinct aspects of the CIE:

  • A three-day conference for the exchange of technical knowledge and results of new research, through papers, presentations and posters;
  • three days of technical committee meetings, in which experts from each of the CIE Divisions work on the development of CIE International Standards and Technical Reports;
  • and administrative meetings, which mark a turning point, at which the CIE Board of Administration brings on new members, and at which representatives from each CIE member country meet at the General Assembly to set the course of the organization for the next four years.

There will also be ample social time to connect with colleagues and friends both old and new.


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