6th International Conference for Women in Science Without Borders

3 - 5 November 2021
6th International Conference for Women in Science Without Borders

This is a conference series held annually under the World Forum for Women in Science (WFWS). The conference, with the theme “Building a Gender Inclusive Sustainable Future Through Science, Technology and Innovation” will be an opportunity to highlight the role of science in building a sustainable future for all through science, technology and innovation. The conference targets scientists, students, practitioners, industrialists, journalists, and policy makers, among other key stakeholders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Participants will be drawn from across Africa and other parts of the world. As basic science drives innovation and development, the discussions will endeavor to highlight gender equity in STEM as a driver for sustainable development. The conference will also provide an opportunity for capacity building in Social Entrepreneurship, Science Communication and Negotiation Skills. 


  1. Gender responsive strategies for school to work transition in STEM
  2. Circular economy for a sustainable future
  3. Sustainable food systems
  4. Post-Covid-19 resilience strategies
  5. Innovation and entrepreneurship in STEM
  6. Big data and artificial intelligence
  7. Automation and robotics
  8. Climate change and green energy
  9. STEM fields related to SDGs including medicine (Water, food, energy, health, environment, education)

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