Agriculture through the Gender lens: From Surviving to Thriving

18th Gender Summit

The Gender Summit is a platform for dialogue where scientists, policymakers, gender scholars and stakeholders in science systems examine new research evidence showing when, why, and how biological differences (sex) and socio-cultural differences (gender) between females and males impact on outcomes. The aim is to reach consensus where improvements to science knowledge and science practice are needed and who should take action. 

The Gender Summit 18 – Africa will pick up and build upon the evidence discussed at the previous Gender Summit-Africa, in Kigali, Rwanda, in 2018, whose theme was: Climate Change through the Gender Lens. The aim in Nairobi is to shift the discussion to focus on agriculture, as a sector of immense importance in Africa and hugely relevant to Climate Change and gender issues. The purpose of GS18 is to apply a scientific perspective on the interactions between agriculture, climate change and gender issues, and also to identify cases of best practice in innovation, development interventions, education, entrepreneurship, and policy measures relevant for Africa.

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