Australian Social Sciences Week 2022

5 - 11 September 2022 Social Sciences Week is a week-long series of events held across Australia each September offering insight into the impact of the social sciences on our lives.
Australian Social Sciences Week 2022

In its fifth year, Social Sciences Week 2022 is shaping up to be the best yet with an exciting program that digs deep into the social sciences and how they shape the way we live, love, learn and work together.   

From the amateur enthusiast to academics, Social Sciences Week has something for everyone. Hear how children are learning in the bomb shelters of Ukraine. Take a trip through adventure therapy and burnout syndrome or find out about the challenging problems in sport. Imagine an anti-racist future, the economic implications of a changing climate or participate in a film screening with insights and latest research from Australia’s leading social science thinkers. These are just a few of the big ideas and complex topics on offer for Social Sciences Week 2022.  

Join in to discover how the social sciences help us make sense of our relationships, environments, and institutions in a changing world.  Any support you can give by sharing about the week or registering to attend events is appreciated.

Please use the hashtag #SSW2022 so the organizers can reshare any tweets. 

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