Berlin Science Week 2023: Art & Science FORUM and CAMPUS

Berlin Science Week from 1-10 November 2023 combines in-person, online and hybrid events. Our focus is on exchange and reflection: the programme is based on interactive and often interdisciplinary formats ranging from panel discussions, workshops, exhibitions, to VR-experiences, film screenings, music installations and much more. Internationally renowned scientists and institutions contribute to topic tracks reflecting the current challenges and debates in science and society.
Berlin Science Week 2023: Art & Science FORUM and CAMPUS

Dear Science Enthusiasts,

On 1st November 2023, scientists from all over the world will gather in Berlin for the science event of the year. We are looking forward to 200 events across the city and online that will inspire, engage and excite a large science-loving audience.

This year, for the first time, we are presenting two central locations of Berlin Science Week: In addition to the CAMPUS, we will be hosting the FORUM with numerous events.


In partnership with Holzmarkt 25, we are opening the ART & SCIENCE FORUM, highlighting the fruitful interaction between artistic practice and scientific rigor, and the way in which it can create new ways of acquiring knowledge and understanding. The FORUM will be inaugurated with a festive Vernissage on 01 November and will be open until 10 November when we conclude with a first-ever Club Night: Berlin Science Week Closing Party.
We look forward to hosting science slams, comedy shows, concerts, experimental multi-sensorial performances, temporary exhibitions, where artists and scientists will be displaying the results of their collaborative work


On 3—4 November, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin will once again be transformed into CAMPUS. With this year’s motto we will focus on the rapid acceleration of scientific discovery and the profound question it raises: Where are we heading? The way we envision our desirable futures determines our actions today and shapes the path we take to get there. An important aspect of this journey is the question of the people responsible for elaborating this narrative. Who are they exactly, and what knowledge do we need to navigate this ever-changing landscape?
Dedicated to dialogue, engagement and exchange, the CAMPUS once again will bring together experts, researchers, scientists, and the general audience for two days of open dialogue, knowledge sharing and discovery.


Whether you are in Berlin or want to join us online, take a look at our programme with events from 150 international organisations and find out what’s in it for you!

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

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