Biomolecular Horizons 2024 Congress 

22 - 26 September 2024 | Melbourne, Australia
Add to Calendar 2024-09-22 00:00:00 UTC 2024-09-26 00:00:00 UTC UTC Biomolecular Horizons 2024 Congress  22 - 26 September 2024 | Melbourne, Australia

You are invited to participate at the Biomolecular Horizons 2024 to be held in Melbourne, Australia from 22-26 September 2024.

This important forum will bring together three prestigious congresses, each with a strong history of attracting the Bioscience and Biotechnology communities to discuss and examine the latest developments and research:

This will be the first time the IUBMB Congress will be held in Melbourne and only the third time in the Southern Hemisphere. It will join with FAOBMB and ComBio to create a truly global forum bringing together renowned scientists from across the world, from Nobel Laureates to early career scientists.

The overarching theme of the Biomolecular Horizons 2024 (BMH2024) Congress is: Discover, Create, Innovate, which will be covered in twelve Program Themes. Over the five days, the Congress will offer a series of plenary sessions, keynotes, symposia, and poster presentations. There will also be a dedicated Young Scientists Program, Outreach Events, Career Development Events, Education Events, Publication Workshops, Technical Workshops, Art Meets Science and Networking Events and a Government Industry Forum.

The field of biomolecular science is progressing at a breath-taking rate, providing a molecular understanding of the natural world; and driving innovation in biology, medicine, nutrition, agriculture, physiology, genetics, and immunology.

One example of the exciting developments in the field is the recent revolution in RNA technology. Given the correct “message”, our bodies can be harnessed as powerful factories for the production of vaccines for diseases, such as COVID-19. In another exciting development, our immune cells can be reprogramed to recognise mutations in cancer cells. Techniques for gene editing, such as CRISPR, are making possible enormous advances in health care and agribioscience. The convergence of molecular sciences with environmental science and climate change is leading to exciting bioengineering approaches to redress climate change and to increase sustainability. Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence has solved a 50-year old grand challenge in biology – accurately predicting the 3D structure of proteins. This game-changing technology will greatly accelerate our understanding of molecular processes; and drive drug discovery.

BMH2024 will be one of the biggest international research conferences in basic biomolecular science. It will disseminate new developments in research and education to members of the academic, research and industry communities, and more generally to the public.

You will have the chance to connect with colleagues from across the world exchanging ideas and research and building valuable professional networks that will extend beyond the Congress itself. To complement the scientific program, you will also be able to experience a showcase of the latest products and services in the exhibition, an integral element of the Congress.

Throughout the Congress, you will experience Melbourne at its finest. It is a truly global city with a rich multicultural mix celebrating the creativity and diversity of its people and the city.


Take the opportunity to contribute to the global discussion – Call for Abstracts are now open. Register now to take advantage of early bird savings and join us for what promises to be an outstanding Congress experience.

Early bird savings available until Friday 31 May 2024.

Please ensure you have read all the information on fees and inclusions, accommodation, payment methods and cancellations before registering.

You will have the opportunity to review and edit registration details before the final stage of confirmation and payment for your booking. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are the preferred platforms for the use of the online form. 

Photo by Urlaubstracker on Unsplash

Add to Calendar 2024-09-22 00:00:00 UTC 2024-09-26 00:00:00 UTC UTC Biomolecular Horizons 2024 Congress  22 - 26 September 2024 | Melbourne, Australia
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