CIE Tutorial on Urban Lighting Masterplanning

Learning about fundamental concepts and methodology of lighting masterplanning
CIE Tutorial on Urban Lighting Masterplanning

Today, urban lighting is important in terms of urban life, the use of the city by citizens and tourists, urban identity and to make cities visually attractive in night-time conditions. It is necessary to manage urban lighting, which covers two main groups “Utility Lighting” and “Architectural Lighting”, with a holistic approach and to bring the urban lighting into line with “Lighting Masterplans”.

In 2019, ISC Member the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) published CIE 234:2019 “A Guide to Urban Lighting Masterplanning”; this document was prepared to support this holistic approach and it is an important source of basic information and application examples.

In addition, issues such as energy efficiency, preservation of the environment in the context of sustainability in urban lighting applications also need consideration. In the era of digitalization that we are in, adaptive lighting constitutes an important application area within the concept of “Smart City”.

Who should attend

The tutorial is beneficial and interesting to broad range of subjects involved in public lighting of cities such as municipalities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, lighting architects, lighting designers, manufacturers and vendors of lighting products, operators and maintainers of lighting systems, professional institutes and societies, lighting educators, environmental organizations, utility services, building owners etc.

What you will learn

Fundamental concepts and methodology of lighting masterplanning. Who should initiate and prepare a lighting masterplan. How to build-up a masterplanning team and what consultation groups should be involved. Relationship between urban planning, transportation and lighting. What is important to analyse and consider in details. How to create the luminous concept and to draft lighting solutions. Why to take into account environmental impacts of lighting and what measures can reduce unnecessary light spills. Financial and operational considerations in planning for lighting implementation.

How to attend

The tutorial is to be held as in-person event. Pre-registration to the tutorial will ensure that you won’t miss updates about the event!

Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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