CLACSO 2018 – 8th Latin American and Caribbean Conference of Social Sciences

CLACSO 2018 is the 8th Latin American and Caribbean Conference of Social Sciences and the 1st World Forum on Critical Thinking.

Since 2003, CLACSO has attracted growing numbers of international participants and guests to its general conferences. Its most recent Latin American and Caribbean Conference, held in 2015 in Medellin, Colombia, received more than 30 thousand registrations, 18 thousand permanent participants, and more than 600 international guests in its panel discussions, debates, and keynote conferences.

CLACSO 2018 combines CLACSO’s 26th General Assembly (17-18 November 2018) with the following conference – the first World Forum on Critical Thinking, which takes place 19-23 November 2018.

CLACSO 2018 will be a broad, plural, and open space for the contributions and interventions of world leaders who represent and express the ideals of attaining societies that are more fair and equal; progressive intellectuals from diverse theoretical and disciplinary fields; activists and leaders of social and mass movements; student organizations, networks, and groups of young people who act in the construction, promotion, and defense of democracy, alternative communication, and citizen mobilization; human rights organizations; groups that work for the rights of education and public schools; women’s movements and organizations; those who fight against racism, imperialism, and colonialism; and ecologists, as well as teachers, researchers, and students from all fields of knowledge, especially in the social sciences and humanities.

CLACSO 2018 aspires to express the necessary combination of a large-scale academic event of analytical rigor and theoretical plurality, and a broad forum of debate that is politically committed, progressive, polyphonic, diverse, and open, and that recognizes its roots in the wide experience of the mobilization of global citizens, as represented by the World Social Forum.

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