Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES): Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in a Digital Age

A side event at the UN Environment Assembly to present the Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet.
Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES): Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in a Digital Age

The Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) presents its Action Plan “A Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age” at this UNEA side event with recommendations to:

  1. Align vision, values and objectives of the digital age with sustainable development
  2. Ensure sustainable digitalization to mitigate negative environmental and social impacts
  3. Direct and incentivise digital innovations towards sustainability

Digital transformation offers the world a broad range of innovative solutions and enabling mechanisms to foster sustainable development for the People and Planet. To enable digital technologies to successfully strive for a sustainable future for all and not to accelerate current unsustainable trends alone, we need global action, effective policy frameworks and vibrant partnerships. This UNEA side event will bring together government actors, private sector representatives, the science community, non-governmental organisations and UN agencies to commonly present and discuss a brand-new Action Plan for a Digital Planet for Sustainability with key recommendations, exemplary digital sustainability solutions and the presentation of a commitment platform for digital sustainability actions worldwide.

The Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES) is a global, engagement platform for governments, companies and civil society established as mandated part of the implementation process for the UN Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. CODES’ vision is a digital transformation of the economy and society that enables a sustainable and equitable future for all. It is co-championed by a unique mix of actors including UNEP, UNDP, the International Science Council, the German Environment Agency, Future Earth and the Kenyan Environment Ministry. They all rally behind the mission to drive forward public policies, standards and collaborations that harness digital transformation to become a positive force for environmental sustainability, climate action and nature conservation.

UNEA is a unique stage to present this CODES Action Plan, to arrange a high-level discussion and to provide for wide visibility. The Action Plan has been informed by a set of inclusive multi-stakeholder consultations involving the digital technology sector, environmental groups, industry, civil society, UN and public sector.

For more information on CODES and on the Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age, click here

Organized by: German Environmental Agency (UBA) for the Coalition of Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES); CODES co-champions: UBA, UNEP, UNDP, International Science Council, Future Earth, Kenyan Environmental Ministry.

Photo by Stephen4 on Pixabay

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