Pathways Forum: Communicating ‘messy’ science

Webinar on capturing the transformative potential of communication and outreach in transdisciplinary work
Pathways Forum: Communicating ‘messy’ science

Dissemination is an essential part of transdisciplinary work. Effective communication can foster mutual learning and build trust between different actors. It can draw in different audiences, bringing attention to and sparking interest in important issues and inspire action. It can open the door for critical reflection, debate and the co-construction of possible solutions. In many cases, dissemination can contribute to the transformative capacity of transdisciplinary projects. Yet, the role of communication is still too often overlooked and undervalued by researchers, with many perceiving it as peripheral to their work.

This webinar asks panelists (including previous awardees of the Pathways Communication Grants) and participants to draw from their experiences to reflect on the challenges and opportunities for communication in transdisciplinary contexts. Specifically, how does communication in transdisciplinary settings differ from traditional research? How do we navigate issues of transparency, objectivity, and inclusivity? What makes communication “effective”, and what methods/tools can support this? By anchoring this discussion with concrete examples, this session seeks to support researchers wishing to engage more meaningfully with different actors, test new methods of communication, and go beyond the linear model of science communication to enact transformative change.


Find out more about the Pathways Communication Grants and about past awardees.

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