International conference on biomathematics

19 - 21 January 2022, online
International conference on biomathematics

Biomathematics seeks mathematical illustration and modelling of biological phenomenon using applied mathematical techniques and tools. This could be beneficial in both theoretical and practical research. An annual conference can provide an appropriate opportunity for the amplification of knowledge and experience, and expansion of thought and imagination in this regard. Thanks to the cooperation of scientists and researchers of different fields, we hope to see more connections between specialists of mathematical, biological and medical fields in both national and international levels.

The 1st international and the 3rd national conference Biomathematics (2022) will take place virtually. The Conference will be hosted by School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences and School of Biology at Damghan University. This event is a multidisciplinary meeting forum for scientists and researchers who develop and apply mathematical and computational tools to the study of phenomena in the broad fields of biology, medicine, environmental science, biotechnology, bioengineering, etc.


Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash

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