DARAJA : The Weather Bridge for Early Action

This official COP26 side-event will be livestreamed from the COP 26 Resilience Hub.
DARAJA : The Weather Bridge for Early Action

Understanding the anatomy of impact : How did a novel city and community forecasting service manage to attain a 98% early action rate from some of the most vulnerable residents of Nairobi? And how did achieve similar results in parallel in Dar es Salaam where 75% of residents surveyed said the DARAJA service saved them money and protected their assets?

This virtual event will bring together the award-winning pioneers of DARAJA (Developing Risk Awareness through Joint Action) – national weather forecasters, Red Cross climate scientists and community leaders – to tell the story of DARAJA, explain how you can join the DARAJA community and to announce a set of new scale-up partnerships that will contribute to the targets of REAP and the Race to Resilience.

DARAJA, which means ‘bridge’ in Swahili, is a non-profit service and partnership that aims to improve weather and climate information services (WCIS), including early warnings of extreme weather, for urban users, prioritising the climate information needs of the resident of informal settlements.

DARAJA is a strong example of urban early action for the REAP Community, one of the 7 Transformation Initiatives of the Race to Resilience, a published Sendai Voluntary Commitment to the Sendai Framework, was originally financed by the UK FCDO Met Office WISER Programme, and received a site visit by the COP26 President, Alok Sharma

The objective of this session is as follows :

  1. Generate greater collective understanding through presentations from Africa and India based DARAJA leaders of DARAJA’s impact model and the learnings that are applicable to other community – centred early action , early warning and adaptation initiatives.

The event will be livestreamed on the Resilience Hub – registration required.

Photo: Santanu Sen via Flickr.

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