Deploying Global Youth Capacity in UN Organisations and Engineering for SDG 13

As part of Finance & Technology Day at COP26, this session will bring together youth organizations to present recommandations on climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, informed by youth involvement.
Deploying Global Youth Capacity in UN Organisations and Engineering for SDG 13

Article 11 of the Paris Agreement makes specific reference to the need for capacity-building under the Agreement to facilitate technology development, dissemination and deployment and access to climate finance.

The Finance & Technology Day will provide a platform for capacity-building stakeholders to showcase experience, good practices, tools and methodologies, and lessons learned with regard to building the capacity of countries and relevant actors to develop, disseminate and deploy technology, and/or to access and manage climate finance with a view of implementing effective climate action.

During this session, which takes place in the 3rd Capacity-building Hub within COP26 (Blue zone), the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) will present an initiative bringing together highly influential international youth organizations to deliver a powerful joint statement and clear and concise overarching / priority climate policy recommendations in the areas of climate change mitigation, adaptation & resilience and inclusive action / meaningful youth involvement in policy making.

Partners in the working group include representatives of WFEO Global Young Engineers Working Group on SDG13, UN MGCY Science-Policy Interface Platform, Global Youth Climate Network (World Bank Group) and Member of the UN Secretary-General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change.

The joint statement will have a significant chance of being noticed by the high level government officials, COP participants, business and civil society leaders, as well as the mass media, and contribute to the outcomes of COP26. The proposals for the policies have already been prepared– those aim to ensure a significant contribution to the following:

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