ISC electronic extraordinary General Assembly

Voting closed on 4 May.

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Thanks to all ISC Members for casting their votes in the frame of this ISC extraordinary General Assembly on the approval of a set of small amendments to the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure to ensure the ISC’s continued status as a non-profit organization.

A total of 94 Members cast their vote, whereby 94 Members approved the proposed changes. The votes have been verified by the tellers.

The new version of the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure will be made available on the ISC website.


The ISC Governing Board asked the General Assembly to approve a set of small but important amendments to the ISC Statutes and Rules of Procedure through an extraordinary electronic General Assembly (eGA). The eGA and the voting was entirely electronic and opened on 3 April and closed on 4 May 2023.

📣 For ISC Members only: Access the eGA documents and a related video message from ISC President Peter Gluckman (password required).

Who may vote

Full Members in good standing (that is, Category 1 Members and Category 2 Members having paid their membership dues for the past three years until 2022 or, for new Members of less than three years’ standing, since joining the ISC until 2022) are eligible to vote (Statute III, Article 9). Affiliated Members (Category 3 Members) may not vote.

Voting system

In sessions of the General Assembly a quorum shall consist of a minimum of 50% of the voting Full Members (Rule of Procedure 1.1) – that is, at least half of the eligible Members (see above) must vote.

Any change to the Statutes shall require a vote of two thirds of all Members present and voting (Statute XIII, Article 42) – that is, at least two thirds of the voting Members must approve the amendment.

The voting system that applies to this vote is set out in Statute V, Article 15.ii:

Regarding voting on elections and other procedural matters:

  • Each Member of Category 1 will have a weighted vote equal to the total number of country, territory or region votes divided by the total number of Members of Category 1, within the total membership base.
  • Each Member of Category 2 shall have one vote, except in cases where there is more than one Member of Category 2 representing the same country, territory or region as defined by the General Assembly, in which case the Members from that country, territory or region need to agree on a common voting position resulting in a single vote. Should there be no agreement amongst them, each Member of Category 2 shall have a proportion of that one vote. Exceptions to this voting rule may be agreed by a resolution of the General Assembly.


Should you have any questions,
please contact Anne Thieme.

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash


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