Enterprising education for fit-for-future results

Bringing creativity, social awareness, resilience, problem-solving, participation into education, though entrepreneurial parenting and a refocused education system.

Pile of books on desk with apple, crayons and letter cubes

This event is co-organized by Parents International and COVIDEA – The COVID Education Alliance.


  • 11.00 Welcome and formal opening
  • 11.30 Introducing COVIDEA – building resilience, building character, building
  • 12.00 Education and schooling in the digital age – research presentation EEPN
  • 12.30 New Education Deal – how entrepreneurial parents can support a paradigm shift at home and at schools
  • 13.00 sandwich lunch
  • 13.30 interactive workshops – brainstorming the ways forward, giving space for initiatives by the participants
  • 14.45 closing of the event

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


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