Expanding Communities of Sustainable Practice

The third symposium to be held at Leeds Arts University, UK, will continue the dialogue on how to expand communities of sustainable practice within and beyond art and design schools.
Expanding Communities of Sustainable Practice

Given the need for art and design education to transform its mode of operating in times of massive ecological crises, the symposium is an opportunity to learn from cases of good practice, obtain feedback on one’s initiatives and to network with others who are eager to make art and design education an effective advocate of sustainable practice.

Communities of sustainable practice are groups or networks of educators, designers, artists, craftspeople, researchers and students who aim to place sustainability concerns at the heart of their practice. Through the symposium the organizers want to provide a space for people involved in such initiatives to effectively network and strategise together in order to enhance the positive impact and reach of what they do.

Tickets for the symposium will be available from September, and more information is available on the event webpage.

Image: Dawn Woolley, (2019) Modern nature building wrap. Commissioned by The Hepworth Wakefield and Wakefield City Council.

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