Falling Walls Circle Table: Combating systemic discrimination in science

This Falling Walls Circle is being coordinated or convened by the International Science Council.
Falling Walls Circle Table: Combating systemic discrimination in science

With the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020, communities around the world have again been reminded of the persistent scourge of systemic racism in our societies. A much-needed global dialogue has been ignited by this event, which must be convened in all societies and in all sectors of society, including the science system:  

This ISC-FW Circle brings together scientists and expert commentators to discuss the transformations we need to correct systemic racism and discrimination in science, and how science and society thrives when there are alternative perspectives and collaborative actions. 

Nuala Hafner
Global Science TV

Adam Habib
University of the Witwatersrand

Tolullah Oni
University of Cambridge

Mary Robinson
ISC Patron

Anthony Bogues
Brown University

For background information, read the ISC’s statement on Combating Systemic Racism and Other Forms of Discrimination.   

Falling Walls Circle Tables will give the spotlight to world-leading scientists, science strategists and policy-makers from academia, business and politics discuss how we can apply science, research and innovation to get the world moving again.  

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