Fieldwork: Current Dilemmas and Future Directions

Webinar 6 of the ACSS (Arabic Council for the Social Sciences) 10th Anniversary Webinars

shadows of people

🌐 The webinar will be held in Arabic with simultaneous translation to English and French for those registered over Zoom.

🔴 Live broadcast will be available on the ACSS Facebook page.


  • Omar Dewachi: Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University – USA
  • Fate Mbarek: Assistant Professor and Chair of /department of Sociology, University of Gafsa – Tunisia
  • Jamil Mouawad: Lecturer in Plitics at the American University of Beirut – Lebanon
  • Hania Sholkamy: Associate Research Professor, The Social Research Centre, American University in Cairo – Egypt
  • Moderator: Moushira Elgeziri: Associate Director – Arab Council for the Social Sciences


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