The Green Transition: Oil, Unions, and Climate

Day Zero – SDG Bergen 2023
The Green Transition: Oil, Unions, and Climate

Day Zero (8 February 2023) marks the first day of the SDG Bergen Conference. The day offers free, hybrid (in-person and digital) opportunities for workshops, debates, exhibitions related to the SDGs. The conference is running under the theme “A just transformation to a sustainable future” and Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) will host a session called “The Green Transition: Oil, Unions, and Climate“.

As part of The Green Transition: Oil, Unions, and Climate, GRIP will screen a short documentary film called “Talking Union, Talking Climate” directed by Vivian Price at Bergen Global. The film portrays a conversation between three oil workers from Nigeria, USA and Norway. The film captures their sentiments on the intersection of the oil industry and topics such as climate change, green transition, and union work. After the screening, a panel discussion that includes the film director and several scholars subsequently follows.

The green transition is far from drawing a consensus among people and business. This is because such a transition requires the abodonment of fossil-based energy regimes such as the oil industry. Consequently, making the transition entails disappearance of workplaces, livelihoods and energy sources that the global system heavily relies on. Moreover, the socioeconomic realities in various oil-producing contexts represent different starting points and different trajectories for what just and equitable transition can and should involve. The Green Transition: Oil, Unions, and Climate session, therefore, explores questions that include the following:

This event is free and will be held both in-person and digitally. You must sign up for Day Zero/the Bergen SDG conference to participate.

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The organizers invite a diverse audience to participate, whether you are a student or work in academia or research, civil society, non-profit, in a start-up company, large corporation or small business.

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