IUBMB Focused Meeting – Hemoglobin Switching

5 – 9 May 2022

Vials of Blood

The most current topics in a variety of fields related to globin gene regulation and pathophysiology will contribute to an ease of scientific exchange and dialogue that will make this meeting memorable.

  • Registration & payment for accommodation must be completed by 18 March 2022. After this date the prices will increase by £60. Registration will close on 31 March 2022
  • Cancellation (for a full refund) must be completed in writing by 21 March 2022 
  • Deadline for sending in abstracts is 1 April 2022

All abstracts (mandatory for all participants) must be sent as email attachments to liz.rose@imm.ox.ac.uk

Image by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash


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