ICSTI Webinar — Blockchain for Science

This first complimentary online seminar in the ICSTI 2018 Webinar series, takes an in-depth look at the opportunities and potential changes in the world of scholarly communication that may be stimulated by Blockchain.

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and offers a peer-2-peer network for Trust that potentially can disintermediate traditional brokering authorities like banks, notaries, perhaps even publishers?

Three top speakers will address the topic from three different perspectives :

  • Joris van Rossum, Director of Special Projects at Digital Science,
  • Sönke Bartling, Founder of Blockchain for Science,
  • Lambert Heller, Digital Library Specialist and Founder of the Open Science Lab at TIB.

Panelists will give 20 minute presentations, each followed by a Q&A 10 minute session. The webinar is open to all.


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