IdeaXchange on Science and Spirituality in Pursuit of Planetary Health

A platform for the scientific community to gather and generate new ideas, discuss interdisciplinary matters and debate on STIE topical issues.
IdeaXchange on Science and Spirituality in Pursuit of Planetary Health

ISC Member, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) provides a platform for the interchange of ideas among academia, policymakers, civil society, and industries and is facilitating the 36th ideaXchange with the topic “Science and Spirituality in Pursuit of Planetary Health”. 

Today we are witnessing the global degradation of nature at unprecedented rates. Deteriorating ecological health has gathered attention of the world community, including the scientific community, spiritual leaders and intellectual activists. The crisis confronting humanity encompasses social, economic, political and spiritual perspectives, and a knowledge-based approach demands a unified conceptual framework to integrate these perspectives. Hence, addressing planetary health in a balanced and holistic manner is vital for humanity to fulfil its collective role as responsible custodians of the natural environment.

At the epistemology level, science and spirituality are closely related. The partnership between these two traditional forces of human civilisation holds the key to addressing the present ecological crisis. The 36th ASM ideaXchange creates a platform for intellectual discussion among its key stakeholders from the scientific, spiritual and other intellectual circles. Such inclusive participation will take on the right path charting the way forward for planetary health initiatives in Malaysia and facilitate the achievement of a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Malaysia.

Photo by Barkah Wibowo on Unsplash

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