IIASA Public Webinars: In conversation with Piero Visconti

27 October 12:30 - 13:30 UTC At a crucial moment for beleagured nature, IIASA research is showing that we can reverse biodiversity loss. IIASA Research Group Leader Piero Visconti will discuss what this looks like in the second of a series of public webinars that provide a platform for the science curious and enthusiasts, as well as science professionals and novices, to discuss the world's most pressing sustainability problems and systems approaches for a better future.
IIASA Public Webinars: In conversation with Piero Visconti

Through its research on the world’s most complex challenges, IIASA produces unique scientific insights and possible solutions to many of the critical challenges we face: What are the best ways to tackle the climate crisis? How can we protect biodiversity? What are the ways forward towards sustainable, resilient, just, and equitable societies?  

The IIASA public webinar series provides a virtual platform to get to know the experts at IIASA and to share research, opportunities, knowledge, and experiences, and foster new connections. 

Each webinar tackles an urgent sustainability issue, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, or increasing desertification. Together we will explore the challenges and possible solutions and look at how systems thinking can enable us to design more effective and efficient pathways to global and regional challenges.  

The second of these meetings will feature Piero Visconti who leads the IIASA Biodiversity, Ecology, and Conservation research group. Visconti will outline the main challenges facing biodiversity today and introduce the groundbreaking IIASA research that highlights possible solutions.

The webinars aim to spark communication between presenters and participants and create a space for conversation. They will be interactive and engage participants from around the world, both within our National Member Organization countries and beyond. 

To attend, please register and you will be sent a Zoom link.


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