IPSA Open Access Publishing Conference: A New Era in Scholarly Communication

Hybrid event

13-14 September | 13:00 UTC

Open book

ISC Member, the International Political Science Association (IPSA), in collaboration with Concordia University, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the American Political Science Association, will hold a hybrid conference titled Open Access Publishing: A New Era in Scholarly Communication to contribute to the future of scholarly publishing.

In recent years, the rapidly evolving world of scholarly communication has been subjected to several divisive issues, but none as hotly debated as the transition to Open Access publishing. The International Political Science Association (IPSA) as a scholarly association publishing multiple journals is directly affected by this radical transformation of the classic subscription-based publication model and consequently would like to take part in the discussions on the future of scholarly publishing and the inevitable advent of Open Access. Aiming to contribute toward finding an optimal and sustainable solution, IPSA, in partnership with Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Concordia University and the American Political Science Association (APSA), will host a two-day conference covering various topics surrounding the transition of scholarly publications to the Open Access format.

This two-day hybrid conference will take place 13 – 14 September 2022, onsite in Montreal, Canada, as well as virtually. The program will consist of multiple panels and several roundtable discussions led by global experts in the field of Open Access publications. The entire program will be streamed live through an online event platform for the virtual attendees. The topics covered will include Open Access Publishing Models; Open Access Book Publishing; Impact of Open Access Publishing for Research Funding in Social Sciences; Peer-Review in the Context of Open Access; Regional Perspective and Expertise in Open Access Publishing; and Sustainability of the Open Access Model. An outcome report including the summary of the proceedings and recommendations will be published following the conference.

ISC Speaker

Geoffrey Boulton

Regius Professor of Geology Emeritus, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Ordinary Member of the ISC Governing Board 2021 – 2024 and ISC Governing Board lead on Open Science


  1. Open Access Publishing Models
  2. Open Access Book Publishing
  3. Impact of Open Access Publishing for Research Funding in Social Sciences
  4. Regional perspective and expertise in Open Access Publishing
  5. Sustainability of the Open Access Model
  6. Peer-review in the Context of Open Access
  7. Experiences/Successes in OA 
  8. Open Access Publishing in Political Science
  9. Open Access and Databases
  10. Policy-making and Open Access Publishing

Photo by ASTERISK KWON on Unsplash


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