IUBMB Advanced School: Molecular targets for anti-aging interventions

26 September - 1 October 2022 Spetses Island, Greece
IUBMB Advanced School: Molecular targets for anti-aging interventions

The Spetses Summer Schools were started in 1966 and have been kept as a series of well-known lecture courses until to date. Over the years, over 500 different lecturers came to the island (including more than 15 Nobel laureates) to teach more than 5000 young pre- and post-doctoral researchers. During the years, Spetses summer schools became famous and the Spetses Island is widely accepted as an ideal environment for top quality science under relaxing conditions.

This Advanced Course will focus on the “Molecular targets for anti-aging interventions”. Aging, age-related disorders and anti-aging interventions are the subjects of general importance. The scientific program covers a wide range of issues related to aging, including lectures on fundamental biological principles and basic signalling pathways involved in the aging process and age-related diseases, like cholesterol metabolism, cytochrome C pathway, proteolysis, genomic stability, damage and repair.  In addition, various aspects of anti-aging interventions, starting from the non-pharmacological approaches like dietary restriction and changing in daily habits, to the pharmacological therapies will be covered.

The course aims to enable an active interaction between all the participants throughout lectures, tutorials and round table discussions, as well as poster and oral presentations given by the student participants. The total number of participants, including organizers, lecturers and students is predicted to be around 100, in a ratio of students versus lecturers up to 5:1.

Applications Closing: 30 March 2022

Registration Deadline: 30 April 2022

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