IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion #8 – Food Culture and Traditional Foods

29 April 2021
07:00 – 09:00 am ET North America (GMT-5)

Spices in bags on a market, Otavalo, Ecuador

The wisdom, traditional practices and the preservation of foods through the knowledge of Food Culture and civilization stems from beyond 5000 years in many regions of the world. These are well established cultural practices handed down from generation to generation originating in different agricultural practices and including understanding of edible plant parts and the role of functional ingredients with culinary habits.  Today’s Food Science expertise provides a unique opportunity to understand the benefits of these foods better than ever before. The advances of Food Engineering have helped in scale up and preservation techniques retaining the texture, flavour and the overall sensory qualities of processed traditional Foods available in the market. The modern tools of science and our nutritional understanding of these foods open new vistas for better and convenient processing of this class of foods with value addition to the raw material with the mix of Food Culture and Traditional food habits will form the core focus of this Round Table.


  • Hiroya Kawasaki, Japan
  • Ruth Oniang’o, Kenya
  • Jaime Amaya-Farfan, Brazil
  • Rekha Singhal, India
  • Lijing Ke, China
  • Cherl-Ho Lee, Korea
  • Lara Hanna-Wakim, Lebanon

Photo by Andrea Leon on Unsplash


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