IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion: Sustainable Food Packaging

25 February 2021 08:00 am EST (13:00 GMT)
IUFoST Scientific Roundtable Discussion: Sustainable Food Packaging

Sustainable packaging (also referred to as eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly and green packaging) is frequently discussed in the popular and trade media and is something to which almost all major food companies have publicly committed. However, defining what sustainable packaging actually is presents a challenge and there is no single universally-accepted definition.

Gordon Robertson, IUFoST Scientific Information Bulletin on Sustainable Packaging

The Sustainable Food Packaging discussion with the following panelists

will include topics like ‘over and under packaging’, bio-based plastics, environmental impacts of packaging, value-added food processing by utilization of emerging food packaging techniques, latest innovations in bulk and retail packaging from the food safety angle, packaging recycling, the impact of regulations in new packaging materials and the balancing act between cost of food and cost of packaging with implications for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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