IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology

Future of Food: Innovation, Sustainability & Health
IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology

ISC Member, the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) invites you to join the 21st IUFoST World Congress 2022 of Food Science and Technology being held in Singapore from October 31 to November 3, 2022. 

The congress will cover the latest advances in our understanding of food in all its manifestations including food safety, food security, regulations, innovations in food processing, hygienic design, and engineering, frontier areas in food science & technology, novel food products, nutraceuticals and nutrients, markets and consumer preferences and much more of the latest of cutting edge technologies in each sector of Food Science and Technology. This congress is loaded with action-packed programmes and will showcase the global developments in all facets of food science and technology through parallel scientific sessions with eminent speakers globally, all with rich expertise in their respective areas of specialization, and the precongress workshops for students is also in the planning process. I would also like to mention that a number of other events planned by the SIFST who are the organisers along with IUFoST will be taking place during the congress such as the Expo with food industries, multiple awards sessions and competitions as well as a series of social activities to enhance networking opportunities and also new fellows of IAFoST induction ceremony.

Photo by James Yarema on Unsplash

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