IUNS Congress ‘From Sciences to Nutrition Security’

The 21st International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) will be held in Buenos Aires, 15 – 20 October 2017.

The congress will look at nutrition issues through a wide variety of topics. The pillars of the preliminary programme are:

  1. Advances in Nutrition Research
  2. Nutrition Through Life Course
  3. Public Health Nutrition and Environment
  4. Nutrition and Management of Diseases
  5. Nutrients and Nutritional Assessment
  6. Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds
  7. Food culture practices and Nutritional Education
  8. Agriculture, Food Science and Safety

The congress will be a high-level meeting focused on addressing the key aspects of nutrition in a multicultural environment, from state-of-the-art reviews to cutting edge nutritional science information.

For more information about this event, see the conference website.

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