Master Forum Series: Rebuilding from COVID-19 to achieve Global Agenda 2030

10:00 AM UTC+8 (Taipei time)
4:00 AM UTC+2 (Paris time)
10:00 PM (28 September) UTC-4 (New York time)

Our planet Earth is presently being impacted by a global corona virus and governments are addressing it in many ways. There is an opportunity now to build upon global scientific expertise crossing the span of Global Agenda 2030 – Climate Agreement, Sendai Framework, Sustainable Development and related issues – to bring together a integrated, transdisciplinary scientific partnerships and international research programs to respond and recover from Covid-19 through strategic approaches that also address the Global Agenda.

For example, the science within the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk program brings together the characterization of hazards, vulnerability and risk in an integrated way, leading to effective decision making in complex and changing risk contexts, including societies respond so that there are governmental led knowledge-based actions to reduce risk and curb losses, across the full Agenda.

In order to address this issue and to share insight, IRDR ICoE-Taipei starts a Master Forum Series. It is our great honor to have Dr. Gordon McBean as our first keynote speaker.


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