OceanObs 19

The OceanObs' 19 conference will celebrate tremendous progress across regional, national, and global ocean observation networks and strengthen user connections to enhance these systems over the coming decade. Strategic working sessions and network functions during the conference will enable oceanographic researchers, technology operators, data experts, early career scientists, policy-makers, and end-users to chart the future of ocean observing.

OceanObs’ 19 will focus on seven vital themes: Discovery, Ecosystem Health & Biodiversity, Climate Variability & Change, Water Food & Energy Security, Pollution & Human Health, Hazards & Maritime Safety, and Blue Economy, with three overarching themes: Data & Information Systems, Ocean System Governance, and Observing Technologies & Networks.

These societal benefit themes will be examined by their relationship to Ocean Observing and how information products can be best supported through the observing system themes.

The OceanObs’ 19 Organizing Committees are currently developing the programmatic schedule for the conference, and registration is now open.

Key dates

1 March 2019 – Regular registration closes

1 March 2019 – Deadline for poster abstract submission

16 September 2019 – Late registration closes

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