One Ocean Summit

9-10 February Brest, France
One Ocean Summit

Organized on 9 and 10 February, ahead of the political segment of the Summit scheduled for 11 February, the workshops, forums and events constitute a creative symposium to amplify the action plans for the ocean by mobilizing all the main actors: scientists, practitioners, multilateral actors, government officials, European Commissioners, local governments, ensuring parity, geographical diversity and the inclusion of youth.

This major international debate on the Ocean provides an opportunity to share knowledge and cross approaches, particularly by integrating climate change, in order to better anticipate oceanic crises and technological, scientific and environmental transformations. Each workshop proposes, in the form of a “Call for action”, solutions for concrete action to meet the major maritime challenges. The workshops and forums are held simultaneously in English and French and are organized in a hybrid format (face-to-face and video). They are co-chaired by an international chair and a host country chair. A moderator facilitates dialogue between speakers and with the audience. A rapporteur prepares a brief report or reads a recommendation to the leaders who are engaging with the One Ocean Summit. The one and a half hour workshops and forums will be available, after online registration from 17 January, in person or via streaming.

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