Online course: Transformative narratives towards regenerative action

This online course places the practice of storytelling at the heart of catalysing transformations towards regenerative futures. 

The course, which begins on 15 May, emerged from the T-Learning project of the ISC’s Transformations to Sustainability programme. It is run by Thomas Macintyre, a member of the Colombian T-learning team, in partnership with Action Research plus (AR+) community, Wageningen University, and the SDG Transformations Forum.

As a part of the Learning Futures co-lab series, the course supports flourishing futures for all towards the aim of a learning society. Storytelling here becomes a practice that emphasizes reflexivity, i.e. the ability to become aware of unconscious thinking and behaviours so as to become aware of available choices and to encourage more engagement with relevant stakeholders in pursuit of regenerative outcomes.

This transdisciplinary course is for scholars and practitioners who are actively interested in learning and sharing inner- and outer- transformative experiences of learning, as part of an emerging global community of inquiry/practice.

This Learning Futures co-lab starts online on May 15 at 08.00 PDT/15:00 CET. It will end on July 10. During these weeks there will  be four online video meetings

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