Online: the global politics of climate emergency – with Mary Robinson

Due to the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis this conference will now be held online via Microsoft Teams on 29 April 2020.
Online: the global politics of climate emergency – with Mary Robinson

2020 conference themes: Discourses and climate change; Democracy, rights and climate change; Just transitions; Pathways.

As global warming occurs more rapidly than scientists predicted, the world approaches a key threshold in the rise in the average global temperature. The demand to reverse climate change is fuelling sweeping transnational protests. Those protests have also embraced broader themes related to the sustainability of the current economic model, global trade and social justice.  In that, they question the sincerity and success of traditional international politics in tackling today’s global issues.

International policy responses to climate change have proven pitifully laboured to negotiate, difficult to enforce at the national level, and incapable of addressing the societal consequences of climate change—such as an increase in migration, or the rise of violent conflicts—and global inequalities.  By way of an illustration, achieving and maintaining the current high standards of living in economically developed countries gives rise to high emissions, the impact of which disproportionally affect populous and less developed countries, which are themselves seeking to alleviate poverty and emulate the development path of wealthy countries.

The launch of the journal Irish Studies in International Affairs has been postponed.

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