Open Science South Asian Network (OSSAN) conference 2022

Open Science for South Asia: Promoting DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility) in science, social science and humanities
Open Science South Asian Network (OSSAN) conference 2022

The OSSAN 2022 Conference in South Asia is the first open science international conference organized by DST-CPR, IISc, Bangalore. The conference aims to foster open science in the region and to form a network of like-minded people. The conference is free and open to all – register by 1 September 2022.


The ISC is organizing a panel session on Preprints- A Pathway to Open Access in the context of its work on the future of scientific publishing, together with:

Find out more about OSSAN 2022 and register.

Image by Kuma-Kum on unsplash

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