Pre-ICSU General Assembly African Regional Consultative Forum

Ahead of the 32nd General Assembly of the International Council for Science, the Regional Office for Africa will organize a Regional Consultative Forum for African ICSU National Members and Scientific Unions.

The Forum will be held on 8 – 9 June 2017 in Pretoria, South Africa. The Forum seeks to update the ICSU family in Africa on the proposed ICSU-ISSC merger as well as deliberate on issues related to the merger and make an African input that could be considered for shaping the draft strategy before it is finally submitted for discussion during the General Assembly in Taipei. The Forum seeks to come up with a consolidated ‘African statement’ about the merger. It will also be a platform to prepare African National Members and Unions for the upcoming General Assembly so that we go to Taipei and speak with one voice.

The members will also present ICSU related activities held in their respective countries/regions, explore avenues around how members can be actively involved in ICSU activities/programmes, look into how to improve the visibility of ICSU in their respective spheres of influence, countries/regions etc. The participants will also get an update on other ICSU activities at global and regional levels.

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