FAScinate series: Precision Biodiversity

22 June 2023, 06:30 am UTC, online
FAScinate series: Precision Biodiversity

ISC Member, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia is inviting for this webinar in the frame of their FAScinate series. Four experts will delve into the wonders of science, focusing specifically on the theme of Precision Biodiversity. This concept involves the utilisation of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to effectively monitor and manage biological resources. Each speaker will share captivating insights about Malaysian biodiversity, along with their personal experiences and journeys in the field in the hope to inspire the public.


FAScinate is a play on the word “fascinate” combined with “FASc”, the abbreviation for Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. Befitting the title itself, this programme features ASM Fellows who will fascinate and educate the audience with insights into the Fellow’s expertise and experience.

Previously called ASM Fellows’ Lecture Series, the rebranding of this intellectual series follows ASM’s 25th Anniversary. FAScinate features a renewed format, transitioning from a formal lecture style into a more casual engagement that is hoped to garner more public interest in science.

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