Free Training Workshops for Science Communicators

Join GlobalSCAPE’s free online workshops on science communication:

1) Global relevance in Science Communication
2) Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in Science Communication

These workshops are provided as an open access resource, freely available for anyone to download and adapt and use within their own contexts.  Before the release of these workshops, GlobalSCAPE will be delivering a set of free online sessions in February 2023, for all interested practitioners to attend and experience the workshops first hand:

Workshop 1: Global Relevance in Science Communication explores how science communicators can practice their work in a globally relevant way that acknowledges and reflects the efforts of science communicators across the globe, as well as the diverse audiences and institutions they work with. 

Workshop 2: Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) in Science Communication considers how we can focus on JEDI to deliver more inclusive and responsive science communication with and for our varied global communities.  To ensure that as a global field, science communication strives to promote equitable practices and can contribute to global citizens as a force for justice in the world.

Multiple dates are available.

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