Securing land and natural resources to underpin agroecological adaptation strategies

This event taking place in the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) pavillion at COP26 will feature a contribution from ISC Member TNI.


Secure and equitable access to land and natural resources is a key factor underpinning the adoption of agroecology throughout the developing world. The event aims at creating a dialogue around the nexus between tenure, agroecology and climate adaptation, building synergies and avenues for alliances between different stakeholders.

This panel discussion organized by organized by IFAD will include panelists:

  • Gerda Verburg (SUN Movement) Netherlands;
  • Carlos Magno (SABIA) Brazil;
  • Claus Reiner (IFAD) Brazil;
  • Céline Jurgensen (France Ambassador) France;
  • Karol Boudreaux (USAID) US;
  • Musa Sowe (ROPPA) Gambia. 

Transnational Institute Associate Jun Borras will make an intervention based on critical assessment of the IPCC 2019 Special report on climate change and land.

Watch online from 11:30 GMT:

Find out more on the IFAD website.

Photo by Vincenzo Tabaglio on Unsplash.


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