International Seminar on BioData and AI

China National GeneBank (CNGB), Shenzhen, China and online
International Seminar on BioData and AI

This workshop brings together international researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and ethicists to discuss the crucial issues that arise at the intersection of data science, the life sciences, artificial intelligence (AI), and society. As these fields continue to advance rapidly, it is essential to address the policy and ethical challenges they pose to ensure responsible and beneficial outcomes for individuals and society as a whole. This workshop will examine the ways in which new data and AI technologies are developed, introduced, and implemented in the life sciences, industry, and society. It will give particular attention to a focus on economics and the advancement of the life sciences and their impact on health, the environment, and society. The sessions will explore how human, animal, and plant (organic) specimens and data are collected, processed, and used by science, industry, and government to address the needs of our societies. The role of various ML and AI models, their implementation, and their impact will be considered within the development of legal structures, policy, and governance models for new technologies, the life sciences, data, and AI. The workshop will examine how we can support the development of genomics, multi-omics, and the life sciences using policy and ethics to empower, not only our economies and healthcare systems, but also citizens by creating healthier and more harmonized societies.


The primary objective of the workshop is to foster interdisciplinary dialogue that encourages meaningful discussions and collaborations among experts from diverse disciplines engaged with data science, the life sciences, AI, policy making, and ethics. The following aims support this primary objective:

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