Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2022 – SRI2022

A global meeting committed to translating knowledge to action.
Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2022 – SRI2022

The Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress is a series of gatherings that unite global research leaders, experts, industries and innovators to inspire action and promote a sustainability transformation.

A joint initiative of Future Earth and the Belmont Forum, the SRI Congress is a space of dedicated advocacy for sustainability scholarship and innovation, transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration and action.

Hosted by the Future Africa Institute at the University of Pretoria, SRI2022 will build on the success of the first SRI Congress which took place in June 2021 and featured 700 speakers and 2,000 participants from 100 countries.

An important objective of SRI2022 is to amplify the voice of sustainability science and innovation in the Global South, specifically for the African continent, through raising awareness and propelling discussions about sustainable priorities for Africa. Africa has much to offer to the global discussion on sustainability, and SRI2022, together with its host Future Africa, will provide a critical platform for collaboration with local, African and international partners.

📣 Submit a session proposal for the 2022 Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress by 5 February 2022

Congress Format

SRI2022 will be a hybrid meeting, bringing together sustainability professionals and practitioners from all over the world, to attend both online and onsite. Similar to SRI2021, we anticipate an interactive meeting with significant opportunities for mixing and exchanging information – dialogues, training sessions,, workshops, andinnovation demonstrations, with plenty of space for sponsors and cyber-enabled engagement. A major difference to the 2021 Congress will be extensive onsite activity and creative experimentation with the hybrid experience, which we are focused on making as smooth and engaging as possible. As inclusivity and accessibility remains two of our main principles, SRI2022 will be designed to service a more diverse group of participants from different geographies, language groups and across sectors. For a global transformation to sustainability, we need a broad coalition of experts and change-makers.

Photo by Mark de Jong on Unsplash

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