Stakeholder briefing on Sendai Framework mid-term review

3 November 2021 13:00 UTC
Stakeholder briefing on Sendai Framework mid-term review

A general overview of an open stakeholder briefing for the mid-term review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and more specifically the stocktaking of stakeholder perspectives on implementation.

The stocktaking exercise will inform and be included in the mid term review and result in a report that synthesizes highlights, challenges, gaps and recommendations, while identifying specific cross-cutting recommendations or themes, as relevant.

This briefing will provide an initial avenue for an engagement between SEM and UNDRR on the general direction and structure of the stakeholder consultations for the mid-term review. The suggestions from this dialogue will enable the consultations to be more open, inclusive and relevant to stakeholders.

Draft agenda

  1. Welcome and setting the stage – SEM Focal Point
  2. Mid-term Review overview – Mr Marc Gordon, UNDRR
  3. Stakeholder engagement and consultation for stocktaking – Mr Aashish Khullar, Consultant
  4. Open Q&A and discussion – SEM Focal Point
  5. Closing and next steps – UNDRR and SEM Focal Points

Photo by Espen Bierud on Unsplash

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