Storytelling in Science: Science Communication and the Media | 15 May 2024

The recording of this workshop is available below
Storytelling in Science: Science Communication and the Media | 15 May 2024


The International Science Council, the ISC Regional Focal Point for Asia and the Pacific and the Australian Science Media Centre facilitated a workshop exploring how researchers can promote and communicate their work in a creative, memorable and accessible way and build relationships with trusted journalists and media.

Telling the stories of science can be a challenge, because research often doesn’t fit neatly into the format of the short ‘news story’. In addition, some of the lessons scientists are taught about communicating with their peers and colleagues can, unfortunately, get in the way of effective communication with a broad lay audience. This workshop looks at how scientists can bring storytelling into their science communication activities and how to access relevant tools for building long-lasting relationships with the media.



Speaker: Joe Milton

Dr Joe Milton is an evolutionary biologist who, after studying plants for ten years at various Scottish universities, made a move into journalism.

Since then, he has worked as the Assistant Editor of a pair of scientific journals for the Royal Society of Biology, and written for the Financial Times, Nature and New Scientist, among others.

Joe joined the London Science Media Centre in 2010, where he was Senior Press Officer for Mental Health, before taking up the position of Senior Media Officer at the Australian Science Media Centre in 2012.

Joe is a regular guest on ABC Weekend Nightlife, on ABC NSW & ACT Evenings, and on ABC Radio Darwin Mornings. And for 10 years, Joe was one of ABC Radio National’s ‘research filters’, chatting science on the Drive show with hosts Waleed Ali, Patricia Karvelas, and Andy Park.

Q&A with Clare Peddie, The Conversation

After 15 years as Science and Environment Writer at The Advertiser in Adelaide, South Australia (2006-22), Clare joined The Conversation Australia as Environment and Energy deputy editor in 2023. She has previously worked in communications at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Land and Water, the University of South Australia, and a research centre for vaccine technology in Brisbane, Queensland.

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

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