Summer School on “Physics of the Ocean”

The Ocean Physics Summer School aims at providing a broader view of the ocean system from a physical perspective, encompassing a large range of scales and their interactions.

Other than receiving lectures, the students will participate through various activities such as poster sessions, exercises, discussions and a field excursion. There will be a set of Super Problems introduced at the beginning of the summer school; the students will work on these problems throughout the summer school and present their results/ solutions at the end. Participants are urged to contribute to the summer school by presenting work of their own, generally in the form of posters and active participation in discussion and working sessions.

Who can apply?

Young scientists – advanced master students, graduate students and first year postdocs – from all over Europe and beyond, from all fields with an interest in physics, who want to increase their knowledge about the ocean, can apply.


Please apply for the summer school here and upload your CV and letter of motivation. The students will be selected based on their background and aspiration to enhance their career in marine sciences. Applicants are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of one of the sub-disciplines of environmental physics or marine sciences and they usually will be active in a research field somewhat related to the topic of the summer school. You can find more background information on the summer school here.

Application deadline is the 7 February.

For questions please contact Sigrid Keiser, or Victor Gomer, .

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