Symposium on sustainable packaging: protecting products and the planet

2 July 2021 13:45 - 17:00 UK time
Symposium on sustainable packaging: protecting products and the planet

This Royal Society symposium on Sustainable Packaging will bring together key stakeholders from the packaging industry to highlight the cutting-edge technologies that are making packaging more sustainable.


Opening Remarks

Operational challenges for new packaging materials


Emerging disruptive technologies


Compostable plastics: unlocking existing barriers to systems change

Panel: Influencing consumer attitudes and behaviour towards packaging


Packaging has transformed the manner and extent to which we can safely transport and store goods, but our current system is failing. Studies suggest that only 14% of plastic packaging used globally is collected for recycling and only 10% of all plastic recycled has been so more than once. Around 40% currently ends its useful life in landfill.

Tackling waste and establishing a circular plastics economy will play a vital role in making the packaging industry sustainable.

From designing effective and affordable materials to mining discarded plastic, this event will showcase global disruptors and policymakers who are working to reduce, reuse or revolutionise plastic at every level of the packaging life cycle.

About the conference series

This scientific meeting is part of the Royal Society’s Transforming our Future conference series generously supported by AstraZeneca. These meetings are unique, high-level events that address the scientific and technical challenges of the next decade. Each conference features cutting edge science from industry and academia and brings together leading experts from the scientific community, including regulatory, charity and funding bodies.

Photo by Antoine GIRET on Unsplash

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