IUBMB Miami Winter Symposium 2022: Molecular Neuroscience: Focus on Sensory Disorders

30 January – 1 February 2023

The Miami Winter Symposium 2022 is dedicated to Molecular Neuroscience: Focus on Sensory Disorders and includes:

  • An international line-up of renowned speakers – selected to provide delegates with a unique opportunity to meet with and hear from representatives from leading research centers on basic research, translational issues and potential or actual clinical applications in sensory neuroscience.
  • Award lectures by renowned leaders in sensory neuroscience research including: Christine Petit, James Hudspeth, Robert MacLaren, Anthony Movshon, Richard Axel, Robert Margolskee and David Julius.
  • Focused sessions on the various senses: Hearing, vision, smell, taste and pain/itch/touch.
  • The latest international research: Contributed ‘spotlight’ talks and poster sessions feature the latest research findings from around the world.
  • Networking opportunities with key research teams from around the world: At the opening drinks reception, conference dinner and during the poster sessions.

Abstract Submission: 10 September 2021
Early Registration: 12 November 2021


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