The Value of Nature: Unwinding Economics’ Most Dismal Failure

Watch the recording from the event held on 3 June 2021.
The Value of Nature: Unwinding Economics’ Most Dismal Failure

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For the first time in almost five decades, the Tyler Prize Award Ceremony was being streamed live. This 2021 virtual event featured two of the world’s brightest minds in the field of Natural Capital. Conservation Biologist Gretchen C. Daily, and Environmental Economist Pavan Sukhdev told two sides of a story we cannot afford to ignore.

You are invited to watch Gretchen and Pavan receive the Tyler Prize, deliver a short lecture about putting a value on nature and participating in a Q&A discussion.

Watch the recording to learn about Nature’s Services, where economic theory has failed, the vital shift from Shareholder Capitalism to Stakeholder Capitalism, and the world-leading initiatives that are helping businesses, governments and communities make decisions about valuing, using and protecting our natural world.

The ISC is a partner organization to the Tyler Prize ceremony.

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