Webinar: MetaZooGene, Marine zooplankton biodiversity based on DNA metabarcoding

Date: Jul 22, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT

Speaker: Ann Bucklin, Chair WG157, University of Connecticut (USA)

Marine zooplankton biodiversity remains a significant unknown throughout the global ocean. Molecular approaches, including DNA barcoding and metabarcoding (taxonomic identification of complex samples via analysis of DNA sequences), are expected to significantly revise global estimates of zooplankton diversity. The taxonomic complexity of marine zooplankton makes metabarcoding useful for characterization of biodiversity.

MetaZooGene SCOR WG157 seeks to create an open-access web portal, database, and atlas for DNA barcodes for marine zooplankton; design an optimal DNA barcoding pipeline for marine zooplankton; and develop best practices for DNA metabarcoding of marine zooplankton biodiversity. Promising applications include rapid detection of impacts of climate change, monitoring and assessment of ecosystem health, characterization of food webs, and detection of introduced and non-indigenous species.



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